A Great Way To Help The Environment, Grow Your Own Food

by Fraser Orr

Currently in Australia and around the world, there’s a great deal of stress over the turn our environment is taking. Many people are even wondering if some sort of ecological disaster is imminent. Is it helpful to give into this kind of panic? Of course not. Instead, it’s time we started to take pro-active measures to improve our natural habitat, rather than giving into hysteria, or blaming our government for all of the ecological damage it’s responsible for. One of the best ways we can do this is by growing our own food.

This is something that’s cheap, easy and fun to do, that helps the environment and will ultimately save you money.
In this day and age, we often forget that the human race is actually a part of nature. When we grow food (especially food that’s endemic to our local area) we’ll also encourage insects to help the food grow, and other animals to take advantage of the growing food. We set off a whole chain reaction of positive changes, and take a great step towards improving the health of the environment.

Take a look at this speech from the chef Dan Barber. In this video, Barber talks about a farm he visited that produces foie gras in an ethical, eco-friendly way that’s close to nature. The geese live on a farm where they are treated well, and are still part of the natural environment.

By growing local food that helps our environment, we can make some very positive steps. If Australians were dependent on food from their backyard rather than genetically modified or mass-farmed foods, we’d solve a whole range of ecological problems.

What do you suggest to do to help make this a reality in the hearts and minds of the citizens of Australia?

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