A California Mom's Confessions, The Eco Friendly and Unfriendly

by Wendy Buck
(CA, United States)

I am not so proud of my efforts toward ecological preservation but I am willing to do more over time.<br><br>

I am not so proud of my efforts toward ecological preservation but I am willing to do more over time.

Ok, so here is the truth. I would love to tell you that I am the most responsible, eco minded person that I know but the truth is that I am not. While I have not gone to the extremes that, I am sure, others have gone to, I have defiantly caused my share of harm to the earth.

I do use disposable diapers and I use plastic shopping bags, rather than those eco friendly reusable bags made from hemp fibers.

I am a mother of three young boys and am on the go almost every minute I am awake.

I make the excuse that I do not have the money to purchase the number of reusable grocery bags that I would need to purchase the amount of groceries that I purchase on a weekly basis.

I also use the excuse that I do not have time to wash out cloth diapers that my two year old baby uses...

Yes, I admit it...These are just excuses!

The fact is that being eco conscious is not something I was raised to do. This seems to have a BIG impact on how I see the environment. My parents didn't recycle. They threw their plastics and newspapers out with the other garbage. Getting my life to begin functioning in a better way is something that takes a lot of work for me.

I have begun recycling my plastics and have always been against any type of littering. I have a plastic (not metal) cup that I keep at work so I can drink water from it daily and not buy plastic bottles of water. That seems to be a habit of some of my co-workers.

I really should do more and maybe as time passes I can incorporate some new ideas into my life. I love the idea of ordering those special lady-bugs for a chemical free pest control strategy to gardening. I saw it on the Eco Gardening page. I may try that!

I do not run the water while I brush my teeth in the morning and at night and I am constantly going through my house turning off lights and televisions behind my children to try to save energy. I really make small efforts to improve the world. I know that gathering resources to produce more and more energy is destructive.

I am a mother of three boys and would like to have the world in good condition for their children and grandchildren. This should be enough of a motivator, don't you think?


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A California Mom's Confessions, The Eco Friendly and Unfriendly

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It Is Never Too Late To Start Being Eco Friendly
by: Lisa S, Sydney, AUS

I know what you mean, Wendy!

Even 5 years ago I wouldn't have even thought to use reusable shopping bags, but now they're a daily part of life.

I admit I don't have children to cater for, but I find carrying a few cloth bags in my car at all times means I always have them ready to go shopping.

I used to forget to recycle some things, but now I even save all my empty grocery boxes, bottles and cartons to use for craft in the school where I teach. Empty jars also make great storage, so hang onto them!

One easy change you might be able to make is recycling your green waste by starting a compost bin. I did my first batch of compost last year and it's so easy. You just need a simple compost bin available from hardware stores, then save up all your vegetable peelings and add them in! There's a bit more to it, like keeping moisture levels right and so on, but it is easy to pick up.

If you need any further motivation to kick the plastic shopping bag habit, just think about all that plastic in the landfill contaminating our drinking water.

-Lisa S.

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